Late Bloomers – Short Stories of People Overachieving Without Achieving
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"It was six weeks until Christmas. Mollie and Tyler were contemplating where to recharge this time. Last year was a success. They went on a tranformational retreat of the body and mind, in other words, a week of starvation combined with psychedelic drugs. Mollie had felt ecstatic having lost eight pounds in ten days."

Late Bloomers is a collection of short stories about the endless drive for improvement, and the ways this can challenge the everyday. How can I become the best version of me?

Eveliina Nieminen is an author whose short stories have been published in British and American literary journals. Her first artwork, Mother's Wardrobe, combining photography and poetry, came out in 2016. Also, she has an extensive experience of branding and communications, and knows, amongst other things, how to make intimate lotion highly lucrative.

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