The Book of Rest
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’Impossibly wonderful’ Daily Telegraph

Find peace in a restless world

We live in a restless society. Even the things we do to relax and restore ourselves have become competitive, often played out and packaged for social media. We’re on a constant mission to fix, refine and improve ourselves, endlessly consuming spiritual catchphrases, sharing images of physical perfection and analysing ourselves from every angle.

But what if feeling OK, feeling ‘sorted’ and feeling complete was possible without you having to do anything?

What if all this doing is what’s stopping you from actually being? What if that perfect vision of yourself in the future was already here right now? If you took a moment to stop, completely, then you’d see that what lies at the very core of your being is already perfectly at ease, perfectly peaceful, and perfectly OK.

The Book of Rest is a guide born out of the philosophies and practices of yoga nidra (‘sleep yoga’) enabling the reader to recognise, allow and use rest to connect with their deepest, always-at-peace self.

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